~ DarkMatter2525 on on Exploding Nuns

Nun explosions are the most feared force in nature. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot buy nun explosions in stores. You must be a nun to buy nun explosions. Are you a nun? Didn't think so. You're too shiny to be. Look at me.... LOOK AT ME when I'm talking to you! Jeebus H. Moosetevitch!

Anyway, nun explosions can best be described as explosions, with nuns. The alpha nun summons daemon puppies from the center of the earth, and washes them with Nun Shampoo. This causes the daemon puppies to condense into a watermelon. The nuns eat the watermelon, and become supernuns. They form a ball, and roll towards the victim. They then explode with the force of 20 megafnurdles. Yeah. Nifty.

Also, cucumber battles are involved. Tasty, but deadly. Tell your friends.

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