Now is a 3-syllable world with no meaning whatsoever.

Now is just an excuse for me to not hate everything I didn't do to nobody.

It is said, in old ages past bedtime, that

  • now is the moment,
  • now is the time
  • To take you in my heart, woe u woe u yeah


When the Wise men-of-old defined now they said:

when time comes, we'll see

~ Wise-men-of-old on Now

But time never came and they never saw, so they started on a journey & now they're lost or whatever, anyway, they are not here NOW, with us, in this.... this... you know...

To show you: there is this.... this very very very very flat universe and it's coming your way. It's coming fast! THERE IT IS: DUCK!

Did you see it? You have to be quick you know!

Yes yes, now that you've seen it, you'll never forget. That was a NOW! Aren't they beautiful?

No no, it's not a now anymore. Now it's a.. a... nothing.

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