Not reading this words are a habit perpetually perpetuated by Rob McClintock of Hazzlebury, Akranasas.


Got faces in the port, got faces in the port, goat feces in the porn. No, I know that, but what's a falling dog star juice guide? It's a telling master prose, is what.

Now that I've begun to lose my squirrel, I'd say what we mean by razzle a tazzle a frazzle whip dip lazzle. It's the nonsense joined by Marxists who've gotten beaten up by the Jews and a half. Milk.



Milk milk milkEdit

Milk milk... screw you. I'm not playing your game anymore. Now I'm playing the game where you have marbles and they're made out of marble so they're really sucky marbles. Marbles should be made out of glass, or maybe class, or, dare I say, ass. I know you're a Democrat.

Nerds are object width="425" height="350" param name="movie" value= what?

In all this excitement I kind of lost track (of) myself.

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