Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Not-Muhammad?

Not is a wonderful word. Much like allegedly, it can be used at the end of a sentence to automatically discredit everything said before it. An example of this, taken from a real life conversation:

Man 1: "So yeah, you won the lottery last night..."
Man 2: "Really?"
Man 1: "...yeah..."
Man 2: "Wahey! I'm off to the pub!"
(Man 2 leaves)
Man 1: (some time later) "...not"
(Man 1 sniggers to himself, looks around for Man 2. He ain't there: he's in Barbados.)

Warning: do not use this around irritable people or the easily led.

Tying the notEdit

Hold the bugger down and apply some Barry Scott before zap! Do not attempt this under the influence of social status.

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