Nimrod is a man of great freshness. He is now dead. This article is loved by Satan-God Man. He loves you too. Meet Noah's dad!!!!!

Did ye ken?Edit

  • Nimrod nims rods
  • Rod nims rods
  • Nod min gods
  • Blobs

His empire Edit

“Cependant, dans mon empire, on m'a loue!!!!!”
~ Napoléon

The Empire of Nimrod is a funky fresh website dedicated to the preservation of PNCL TREE and all that it stands for. King Semsem is its Kingly Monarch Dude.

LunaRune is the PNCL TREE Lunacy Vizear.

Japheth is the Idiot.

Delta Shoymilk is the Treasurer.

sihT saw detide yb rouy dneirf ni taerG niatirB.

Mooooose willll eaaaattt yyyoooouuuurrr ppppppaaaaaaannnnnnnnnttttttttsssss!!! go eat cheese you callerpitter!

mwaaaaaa mwaaaaaa!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE- Jackson loves this Article!!!

Pie Are Squared. 3.14159265358979323 YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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