Whoops! Maybe you were looking for a REAL dumb article?

hey look the air is walking.

the girl wears a bleu nose becuase corbin blue is stuck in her body

but how did he get stuck in da frst plce?????!!!!!

the air is walking it is traveling to My House now if you have no air then come for a party sleepover in My House,

The robot kicked down the moon and it landed in the entire UK. Now, the moon went up again and then the uk will float in the sky at night be blibned by whiteness and when the sun is out beware for total coldnessss and no light at all

the lawnmower is making Europe shrtr. iojlajldadouunderstandthisnaodalkdjaldfjajadkdasjkdouunderstandthisakdnaskdkadajajdouunderstandthisnajdnasjkdjkadla

why r u redin dis its so imprtnt gt a lif losr.

somebody is using the USA as an airplane n canada will get UFOs crashed on top of 700,000,000 buildings letys shee if skfal yuk erpotsklj arhtrje you are the luchjkadjka cky one.

beware if you are in all the othr prtz of da wrld thn a giant banana that you see to the top lft crnr of dis page thatis the bana na that w i l l b e s m a s h e d . now the purple shirt is freeky.

freeze the water in da freezer for a year and then lemme see ya drink it

i am then mst intllgnt prsn mre intlgent thn albrt instin n ths s hw u r supsd 2 spll

ths s nthr vrsion f my lnguag

23 2 3 34 3 54 54 54 6 56 45 53 4 3 4 2 32 3 54 6 566 3 2 32

i dnt apprcite ur tme rdin ths u



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