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“I was such a great singer”

Music is a rip in the time-space continuum designed by and brought to earth by the alien life form Xenthyro in order to hypnotize human beings into an unproductive trance with the hope that their progress in space travel would slow, giving Xenthyro and his army of chemical phosphorous goblins a head start on ruling the galaxy.


The atrocities music has caused upon the human race has been documented on "Ed Sullivan's Thirst for the Worst," in which a 12-minute segment showed beached jellyfish toss around beach balls to a soundtrack of pan flutes and french horns. The segment remains forgotten in the memory of the viewer because of the state of unconsciousness delivered from the music, proving once and for all that we are weak in the presence of these organized soundwaves.

The Art of Music Edit

Xenthyro is the first known proprietor of Matterless Warfare and has since perfected the art, spreading his findings to other galaxies many light-years beyond the milky way's edge. In the 1996 movie "Contact," actress Jody Foster is quoted as saying "Xenthyro, Xenthyro, wherefore art thou Xenthyro" as if he gave a damn about some stupid movie starring Jody Foster.