Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Magic Mona?

The Mona Leeza...? Don't you mean the Mona Lisa?

Shut up and go home; I think I know what I mean! And if you are uncareful I mean to due you grievous bodily harm.

Err... Of course. What is the Mona Leeza, then?


Magic, Magic Fegel!!!!!

The Mona Leeza is an old grump who some guy passed off as a great painting/telegramaphone by trapping himheritcat behind graffitied glass. Onlookers failed to notice the fact [citration needed] the Mona Leeza moved around a a lot, fidgeted with it's groinal area increasingly often or went away from the frame to sulk, abuse the toilet and stand next to people to lift their spirits by comparison.

So, why is it worth millions of pokedollars?

The Mona Leeza is essentially in essentials said by someone stupendous with a lissssp,is worthless but countless fart dealers have added too many zeros onto the checks they used to pay for the Mona Leeza leading the public to believe that buying a murderous old hag trapped behind glass and tepid water from a faulty boiler is desirable, let alone priceless.

I still think it's actually called the Mona Lisa...

I won't condescend to your level you cakefruit.

See other than the Mona Lis- MONA LEEZA, SHUT UP! GRRRRRR!!! (sound of fisticuffs and polite whooping and egg-ons. Scene eventually engulfed in cuban cigar smoke and silenceEdit

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