“An army of 6.02 X 10 to the 23rd”

During the Communist Revolution in southern Bulgaria, the unexpected happened. Moles, The moles started invading in the Summer or Winter or Spring or Fall of 1924. They waged a war still fought online in the free online video games "Wholey MOLEY" .

The moles started ther attack on the pimps and doctors of Southern Bulgaria, they had an artillary that included teeth, spears and atomic bombs. not to mention the enormous Vagina they brought into battle in 1645 during an altercation with the prime minister of Six Flags.

The giant Vagina was at least 17 feet in diameter and could hold 75 baby elephants. The people who were against the humungous Snizz were condemed as fag and were lawyers ever since.

The war went on between the Moles and the Pimp/Doctor alliance. Until Jesus Christ came down and killed the infidels with his mighty sword of man Heavenly Rapists.

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