Misumi Tsurugi is the coolest character in Naruto that did SO not get enough character development!

In the showEdit

It would seems Misumi is easily defeated as his only shown power is "soft physique modification", which was defeated in seconds by Kankuro. However I believe that logically if Misumi A) had such a technique and B) worked for Orochimaru, then he should logically also have more powers taken from his master, correct? Kankuro is obviously a worthy opponent, which, added to Misumi's seeming overconfidence leads to the theory that he was indeed, just toying with the puppet master.

Misumi was not only able to survive a neck-snap, but also survived when Orochimaru needed sacrifices for summoning the dead Hokages. Orochimaru instead sacrificed the sound trio, leading to the conclusion that he is obviously more powerful than them


In fact, Misumi and the lesser Yoroi return in a later filler arc, where they pwn. Misumi is only killed when some rocks 10,000 tons of stone come crashing down upon him, and we don't even see if this kills him, it probably most likely didn't.


In another canon (my own), Misumi actually owns a host of S and S+ level techniques, which stems from coming from a very powerful bloodline and being infused with the most powerful 13-tail Bijubibe at birth. Despite having perfect control over his skill, he swore to keep it a secret so as not to upset those he loved (in this case, Anko).

Misumi is really serving Orochimaru only because he wants to betray him to restore peace to his land. However, when Esme Aburame comes to destroy Orochimaru herself, Misumi is caught in the crossfire, and Esme nearly kills him, however they fall in love at first sight and vow to kill him together.

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