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Majinken (Prounounced "Where's my car?) is an ancient Super-Subbupanese sword art. It is very deadly, and the ancient, original version could kill a ninja. I mean, a freaking ninja. The attack can be used a lot of ways, but it looks a lot like Super Slash. You start flying and then you do some crazy Lens Flares, followed up by some overly-done special effects and flashy attack animations, before you land on your feet, for a total of 99,999 damage (Ninjas have 63,550 HP.) But after the split of the two countries, there were only three who could remember the attack; Disco Lord Famine, Commander HelloolleH, and Tao Master Hindleyite.

HellolleH has since left the attack, along with the car keys, in his car, but the other two can still use it. The attack has been adapted to the two cultures. with Super Japanese, it involves putting on the craziest, most appealing outfit nearby, and THEN using the attack combined with eating sushi. With the Subbuteoans, it involves whining a little bit for flavor, ingesting 10,000 bay leaves, and then doing the ultimate attack. The Subbuteoan variant is more powerful, but the Super Japanese variant is faster. The respective Emperors and their High Knights are the only ones who can use these.

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