MUSH ROOM heads rock

as you may no mushroomhead is indeed a famous rockband. As it is my favourite too. But alas this Arrgh it tickles was not ment for mushroom stuffed heads. what it is meant to be is a life of Mushroomhead rocks......

Tch cant humans stop kicking the whitemushrroms that u find on the ground? What would u feel like if ur head got kicked off by a giant foot. Us mushrooms were meant to be played by the underground gnomes and the underground gnomes does not like people kicking their flowers do they.

Ever heard of itch in ur pants? well when u kick a mush room or if u ever roll down on a grassy hill, do u feel an itch in ur pants? Well this is because undergound moles like to molest u. these underground moles are the pets of gnomes. and believe me, moles are not of a joke. unless u have a big mole on ur forehead.......

Well anyways i just warn u humans first, if u keep on kicking our mushroom heads i will log on to my acc on youtube and ask mushroomheads ( BAND ) to scream rite in ur ear and ull die of molestion and ear problems. Also beware of the game Spore for we mushrooms use this game to multiply. Sooner or later we mite grow on ur computer