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lol, soren is emo lol, soren is emo lol, soren is emo lol, soren is emo

Yes, you see. Now that she is emo i know i know emo. Is he? is she? well ill be!

The emo's spleen Edit

Once i wondered into a hole it turned out to be a hole in a spleen. THe spleen was of an emo named Soren. I have seen emos in line on amusment parks... in bathrooms, and in the emergency room! However, i never saw one like soren, oh oh oh oh O H SO EMo. DuckDuck DuckDuck

LOL Edit

Well emos. I see you are looking at me. I SEE, oh yes i see. i see me i see yee.

MEH Edit

I want to know why meh. ME N ME H


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