Luffare or luffaren - particularly the luffer, a ominously sinister and sinisterly ominous character - is commonly a very hateful person, having a hate potential equal to that of the bum.

When a guy is exposed to inrobotic unfairness the level of hate increases with 3,13666^10^34 fart degrees! In the process the guy slowly is being transformed into a vast figure shaped like a nun, then very very disturbingly short after the guy becomes what the Knag-Knag calls a luffare or luffaren. Luffaren äter eat när någon ger honom mat food och han spelar plays på his dragspel!


Luffaren can also play his mouth organ as seen here

Make sure to remember: The luffare like to gurgle sponge and cheese. Not to mention geese.
Oh, I get goose-bumps just thinking about it!

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