Franklefurter, the loonatic.

     Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Tamia?

Whoops - were you looking for Phyllis Hyman? ~ Tamia

"Six superheroes in a bottle! Warning: shaking the bottle may cause explosions and/or death."
"Don't forget the robots."
"They have the recipe book hostage."
"I always thought pie was funny."

This is not a series of statements plucked from mid-air. It is in fact the work of the smartest person in the world, one Stephen P Farklefurtler, a known rival of Francis E Dec. His mind is so advanced that mere human beings cannot understand his writings - Farklefurtler has a special sense known as the Farklefurtler sense. Only the man himself can feel this sensation, hence the perceived insanity and fracturedness of the above statements.

Be assured, though, that the answer to life's biggest questions is contained therein. We attempted to contact Farklefurtler and question the reasoning behind his statements but unfortunatley managed only to make contact with an answering machine. Actually, it appears Farklefurtler died in a mental hospital a hundred years ago, if his message is anything to go by.

Scientists are currently analysing his ectoplasm and skin residue in order to gain knowledge of the humble loonatic.

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