Level up! (music)

fgsd? ...trrr, trrr, trrr... wooooshh!!! lol! And there are very much XPs in the bloodstream. Omg!

Once level up, this come to the screen:

  • DEF_{LEVEL} = DEF_{LEVEL-1} + M_1^*
  • HP_{LEVEL} = HP_{LEVEL-1} + M_2^*
  • DMG_{LEVEL} = DMG_{LEVEL-1} + M_3^*
  • And so on and off

where M_{-1}^*, M_0^*, M_1^*, M_2^*, M_3^*, M_4^*, are Magic numbers (notice the star)

Level up condition is usually:

LEVEL(XP) = F_2^{-1}(XP+G(Quest,LEVEL(XP)))

Standing position:

  • Current XP = 2.743.234.642.109
  • Current YP = 5.928i + 231j + 1.989k (very hypercomplex, yet unreal)

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