As I tenuously grasp my brilliant diploma of excellence i look towards the crowd in jubilation. Upon closer inspection i take account of the fact that J.K. Rowling has thrown some creative influence at my computer somehow deleting all details of my entire exsistence. I am promptly robbed of my clothing and thrown into a ditch by those guys.

What not to do if you don't want your computer killed twice with a tangerine and copious amounts of money gained from an infamous group of gangster books destroyed by a millionaire author pirate monkey gateau Edit

Basicly if you don't want to be disowned by society and have undesirably yellow breath do not over-read Harry Potter or associate yourself with his numerous porn industries in the public-eye. This could enrage the crocodile-skin shoe informally known as J.K. Rowling. She will then beat down your firewall and bearware until you are left with only an amazing technicolour background. Then like broccoli will sprout from the disk drive and like yeah, um, and your computer will exfoliate.

Wilt Chamberlain Edit

What? He's the Prime Minister?

Oh crap.

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