Insane is a contraction of incredibly sane. Are you kidding? Is that what you think I am? I am not such a thing. XarglWAKING Don't you dare Suuuuuu call me a thing like that! Would an insane person play with burnt furbies – with his own intestines – with the lives of orphans – table football monopoly? Damnit.

Oh yeah? Well would an insane person say "KURBKSKOS VENI VERMINI VENERI Good things come to those who EGG wait?" I don't think so! Haha, proved you wrong there, didn't I? KILLLLLL FOR MEEE MY PRECIOUUUUSSS IA! IA! YOG_SOTHOTH! Mindles sThrashing at the heart of Chaos! IA IA!!! ¨UMULATS¨

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