“Makes Tamia believe that the Ancient of O's will annihilate Alicia Keys and I, and that the Flying SpaghettiO's Monster will then rule as the everlasting jehovah!!!!!”

Imagination dust is essentially cocaine and ground up rubber.

Uses Edit

Cheating junkies out of an extra 20 bucks.
Also, it's known that's it has been used to reiterate pencil markingsds, in order to cast a spell under a rainbow. Like all the other fake cheats I've tried, it doesn't work. There is no natural way to obtain Mew. :(

Intake of Imagination Dust Edit

Eating imagination dust causes over excitement depression and death. However smoking imagination dust results in the most wonderful feeling as if you're floating and random penguins are nibbling your feet affectionately. You feel like you could do anything and tests have shown you actually can!

Scientific Testing Edit

Scientists set up an experiment where two people took conventional drugs and one user took Imagination dust:

The users then jumped all off the railway bridge. All the users except the imagination dust user plummeted, somewhat typically, to their untimely death. The user who'd snorted the Imagination Dust somehow manage to fly downwards at great speed before teleporting away from the train that was coming at them, leaving only an explosion of blood and limbs; the sign of a true magician!

Another Upper-Class Wikipedia Emulating Title Edit

EatSmoke Imagination dust now and go for a fly off the railway bridge!! Prices are only ridiculously high!

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