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Here are the guidelines for editing The Rain of Dead Cats.

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  This section is Logical, it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

Keep up good continuityEdit

While you may add random silliness, please do not add flaring inconsistencies. This is meant to be silly, not satirical. Check other parts of the game to check if the thing you add doesn't contradict anything else in the game.

Be fairly light on the references to popular cultureEdit

Just because you've heard of it doesn't mean the player has.

Try to only have three options per pageEdit

Just something about the game.

Be fairly light on the Uncyclopedia in-jokesEdit

You may add the occasional one, but don't fill the game with them.

It must always be raining dead cats outsideEdit

Try to make use of this.

Add {{trdc}} to every page!Edit

This is very easy to forget. It's basically a shorter way of adding [[Category:The Rain of Dead Cats]]

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