NEER! Playing in a lawnmower is a difficult art that involves playing in a lawnmower. Though deadly if done incorrectly, if done correctly it is deadly. Otherwise, it is rather fun. It is claimed that it is far more fun when the Lawnmower is turned on, however, all the people who can claim to have this experience died of extreme happiness soon after entering.

Under most circumcisionstances, the happiness gained from a succesful lubricating is similar to Sporking a Fnurdle.

Meth.(ods) Edit



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The first step is to removes ones Sehtolc. A safety precaution is to use a modnoc. Second you have to open the anigav. The next step is the extending the sinep so it is into the currently open anigav. Sounds quite fun, in a roundabout way.

Warning Edit

You will die. Unless you're Mum's Superman or something. Or Batman. But not Spiderman - his overuse of that sticky substance is great for catching flies but completely useless where lawnmowing is concerned.

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