Wrestling Match Of A Lifetime!

On the day of octoberfest mainfesto lobesto Hulk Hogan and the man of a nameless worth promised to have a fight in a smokey pub near Muddlemester. The fight went ahead and in the eyes of Insandra Crosella you can now tell that it was a aeon of a bout. Hulk pleased the crowd and the place was packed but who won on the last rounditown will be mentioned near the end.

Dirty Bushes! Edit



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Never ending sequence of words failed to impress grindo whilst he walked out from a case of near dehydration, accompanying him were some of his fellow droogs. One of them met a hooker outside who was being watched by the T-T-taxi driver riding his old weights.Hotel windows never cease to lie about these things. "Bushes are a good place to have fun" the hooker said so the droog slipped her £8 which was written in a handy notebooklet and they went their way leaving grindo and tekko.Grindo was handed a white box containing a white bra and 2 white flipflops and he promised not to mess them up so the mud kept them safe.

Personality Discharge Edit

Grinda discovered the doppelganger wheeling the old woman through the shopping market was really a long lost twin of tekko, the white highlights gave it away shrouded in the darker hair. The similarality was incomprehensible so toilet said his voice was a close accent to one of a scouser.This then led to a kaiser chiefs sing a long.No one would be the same after those red sofa's near the match were soiled by dogs factor 8 suncream.

Moment of time to Wait For Time Edit

Hulk did win but barely since the crowds bottles rained down a helluva lot which set down the brawling and made the jikka's cry a bucket of sand.

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