Moving a zig is an act which involves taking your zig and moving it. To make things more complicated, wang monsters and the cabal will be hunting you down, all under the order of Bcbkye. Thus, you're screwed, as they know all your secrets. Still interested?

How to Move ZigEdit

Let's Power Up!Edit

First, you need to power your zig. You can do this with 3000 gallons of Werewonton Soup, or, if you preffer, two and a half leaks. When you power your zig, it's engines should start up, causing an entry point into the scaffolding of space. Now you can enter your zig with the R key.

Navigating SpaceEdit

You can navigate space by moving north, south, east, or west. However, don't go into dark space. Best to cast Frotz before anything else. In addition, the game's sample campaign will clue you in on how to actually navigate space.

Making Your TimeEdit

Now, when you're moving your zig, time is of the essence. Thus, making it can be the best option. Making time requires a DC 21 Craft Check and 500 XP, and is good for one hour of airplane snacks.

How to Avoid Each EnemyEdit

Wang Monster: These guys, shoot inventability pellets at you, causing gnomes to appear and subsequently explode. They can also bash your ship for %5 damage. To destroy them, shoot them with your anti-wang grenades.

The Cabal: There is no Cabal, but if there was, you could probably rat them out to the FSA.

Bcbkye: There's no way to defeat this guy. He tells all your friends your deep, dark secrets, and while they're laughing at you, he destroys your ship with all 42 secrets of the universe.

What to do if a ninja attacks your shipEdit


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