Homed rat

This is the poster for the great play.

I know a rat who lives under my bed. He claims his home is my bed. However, the bed is mine, not his..... and his "house" is in a house. So therefore his bed/house is part of another household.

I told him that he can't have a house unless he pays his taxes... to me. I make him pay 70 dollars a month... wait, I mean 700 dollars a week. I feel thats a fair fee... and he thinks he made a great deal, how should he know?

The homed rat of Georgia Edit

This play is a famous play in the sewers of America. Mostly to rats. The plot is about a rat who went to New York and killed a cockroach. Not much to it. The play lasts about 5 minutes... but that makes sense because all rats have A.D.D!

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