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The United Stakes of Hickilandia
Motto We are the great A-- GAK!
Official languages Vandal, Hickilandon
Race  %100 Dumbass Vandal
Religion Vandalism
Deities Blank
Opening hours Whenever the admins are offline
Independence From vandalism? Never
National anthem Destroy The Wiki
Natural Resources Trashtalking, Egotistical Ramblings
Official Cuisine Evil
National bird The Seagull
Capital City They still have a city?

Super Hickiland is a filthy country and distinctly average at defeating it's enemies. They are always vandals, and they like detsroying wikis. Many refuge in the wikis which they vandalize after their admins combust into bannination. Several times. To learn more about it's inhabitants, go to Hickipedia. Not that you can, it's in lockdown.

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