In his science class that day, Michaelangelo was misbehaving.

The rest of the class was dead silent. He didn't know why.

The teacher, a man clearly in his middle-to-late 40s, cooly observed him. He doodled something on a piece of paper, staring at Michaelangelo's face. When he was done, he put the paper in his desk drawer. Michaelangelo didn't notice.

Michaelangelo tried his hardest to make up for the eerie lack of childishness permeating the classroom.

He threw paper at students' heads. He shouted profanities loudly. He set fire to a chair. He covered the caretaker's entire left arm in sellotape. Eventually, out of sheer boredom, he took out a knife and ran it down another student's arm.

The teacher looked up, uncaring, but resigned, and called Michaelangelo over for bad behaviour. "Finally!," he thought, "Some attention!"

The teacher opened his desk drawer as Michaelangelo arrived at his desk. it contained a sole piece of paper. Michaelangelo saw.

Michaelangelo sat down at his desk quietly and commenced his work. He was never trouble again.