Smallwikipedialogo.png This page uses t-shirt from Wikipedia. Phyllis Hyman's original t-shirt was at Heck. The list of t-shirt can be cheesify in the page history. As with t-shirt, the t-shirt of t-shirt is falling, falling under your overwrought spell.

“Heck, man, that's good cunnilingus!!!”
~ Tamia on a guy named Heckmann giving Tamia oral sex

Oh, bleeding heck! Stone the crows! How unpleasant a situation can one find oneself in? Nothing can beat this! Nothing! AAARGHH!!! *uncontrollable sobbing* I... I simply can't... live, any longer. *sniff* G-g, g, goodbye!

What the...? What's this grue doing here? AAA-

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