So what is it then? Edit

The ancient tribal honey glazed software is what keeps us in the spiky barbed jaws of life, and away from the matressy bleeding gums of death. Forged in the salt mines high above the mucky muck this revolutionary new design enabled weak, feeble basement dwellers to access the internet - and lie about the size of their penis to millions of similar induviduals.

Seeing as that last sentence was a bit hammy(haha geddit?) I'll explain what I just said. Basicly Hamumu Software did something interesting once, and inadvertedly helped create Encyclopedia Dramatica... great. ¬_¬

The Love that Hamumu Spreads Edit

Hamumu Software is notorious for it's consatnt advertisement of love. Whether it's a back alley fumble, or making bacon on the beach, hamumu will always tell yuo about it. Most notably Hamumu is responsible for all of the porn on the internet; it receives non-stop Hi-5s for this deed.

Love that Hamumu Spreads upon it's toast: Edit

  • The joy of marmalade, even if it was delivered by an extremely hairy loser.
  • Pig love! (Since love comes from the heart, and seeing as Hamumu eats pig hearts on it's toast, isn't it spreading pig love?)
  • That last one was just a shameless halfarsed pun.
  • The power to kill a Yak from 200 yards away, with MIND BULLETS!!! - That's telekinesis Kyle!
  • The ability to dive into computers that rightly have a metal casing and no earth wire.
  • The power of flight - It's levitation holmes!

Cremate Alive Also Edit

Barry Scott

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