Whoops - were you looking for Marijuana Shotgun? ~ Tamia


See? It's a gun, and I bet it'll go BANG! BANG BANG POW KER-BLAM BOOM!

A gun is a metal tube-thing. It tends to go bang.


Guns kill people. People kill people. People with guns kill 2 people at a time, usually resulting in 20xp, unless they are pacifists, in which case they kill -2 people.

I once killed -2 people.Edit

It hurt me more than it hurt them.

But not really.

People with 2 guns should probably kill people, but I never tried that. Shooting guns tends to result in a BANG and a bullet. Bullets are like guns but they aren't but they are but they aren't but they straddle the dimensions between them. Unlike guns, bullets have no armpits. Instead, they have desks. Many, many desks. Desks, desks, everywhere you look, no escape from the desks! Why? WHHYYYY?

There is no escaping from bullets. They make a BANG noise and so do guns, which go bang. BANG! POW! BLAM! Haha, I shot you, you're dead. No forcefield can save you from my guns, they're special. Special, awesome guns. They make me so happy, especially when they go BANG!


Russian Roulette time! It's me, vs. me, vs. me!

My turn...Edit


Diagram of a common handgun.


Now mine...


My turn, now...


Oops, I guess I'm dead, now. Bye, guys! Oh, sorry, I'm dead. Guess I can't say bye. Hmmm... Well, I have to say something... Go die in a fire?

Well, I'm dead now. Go die in a fire, guys!

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