Hello kids! Wouldn't it be great if you could rhyme just as well as William Shatner? Well look no further, because here is the only EXCLUSIVE GUIDE to good rhyming, by me, Toddley Peedle. And you can enjoy the benefits of rhyming and so can everyone else if you follow these simple rules.

They are rules, so you HAVE TO DO THEM, UNDERSTAND?? Good.(Heh, kids will believe anything you tell them. But thats a different guide).

Rhyming Rules Edit

  1. Use swear words. As many as possible if you can. What better way is there to be taken seriously like an adult other than using foul language? All the cool kids are doing it. Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, Stan... Yes I am listing South Park characters and that my friends, is cool. ;)
  2. Gain Inspiration from all the greats. They will teach you a thing or two about rhyming. People such as 50 Cent and Craig David. Well maybe not Craig David. Listen to ALL of 50 Cents albums, then go and sing his lyrics in front of your parents. They will ground you for three long months love it!
  3. Rhyme everywhere! In school, in the playgrounds, at the corner shop, down the farm. People will appreciate it. Especially if they've never written a song in their whole damned life. They'll think you're special just because you did something, and that's how all the greats made it in thise world. They had false images of themselves. And luckily you might do, too.
  4. Don't confuse rhyming with "Scatting" if you wan't to succeed in this world. Yes it's one tough world out there (as 50 Cent will inform you almost straight away) and better to be prepared by obtaining a gun. Actually, make that several guns. Can never be too careful. Guns are cool, and do cool stuff when used correctly. My mother can make a Sunday lunch out of a dead man. Isnt that SWEET!?

So there you go kids. Rhyming is everywhere, look around you, look inside you. Look directly at peoples work and plagurise it!!.