“Is he related to Gordon Lightfoot?”

“No Tamia, but he is related to Charlie Brown
Tony Blair Mk II
Gay brown
Deputy: Dracula
Nationality: British
Term of office: 2007 – 2007⅜
Preceded by: Television
Succeeded by: Bony Tlair
Date of birth: Yesterday
Place of birth: Elvisland
Date of death: --
Place of death: --
Wife: Mrs Palmstrong
Political party: New Labour

The reason why Brown's there in the first place.

Goredon Brown is the estranged brother of Gordon Bennett responsible for the death of the United Kingdom economy and the decline of the Scottish football team. Thus, he is most suited to the role of chief burgerator of the British Aisles. Would you like ties with that?


Gordon Brown - Kung Fu fighter00:42

Gordon Brown - Kung Fu fighter

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