Yep, verily verily ecky ecky woo

~ That Guy on Gobbledy-Gook

Your mother is the eggman is the eggman is Peter

~ André Breton on Gobbledy-Gook

Very no help shout you phallic menangerie

~ Leonardo Da Vinci on Gobbledy-Gook

Headdress Edit

Gobbledy-Gook is Geese, not seven igloo. If speak jacket like cosmic jam, never end the how to bracelet. Pikmin appreciate twenty of your finest verb, moreunder the magnetic squids don't want eat say "pencils, pencils no desk around". Pompous? No, I'll have your children with no more running out of eggs.

Highly controversial! Said the Jabberwocky, but he has no more keys so hate him.

Sigh ninenty nine, not thus but yoda speaks in Gook-Gobbledy, he does. Everybody loves to want a cat, because a baseball's the only chicken that ate pieces of rainbow. Some they call me the biscuit, but no! Harold! No; he is not the Stuttgart anymore and he never will be.

Mortal Kombat!

Who sung in Italian? Pretty pretty peace nibbler no more screaming why? These questions have never been before revealed to the monkeys! Monkeys are never included, but only Jews call it prejudice.

BUNG! Edit

|)00|), |\|0\/\/ 1 4|23 +0+411y 5|\/|311i|\|g j0|-||\| +3|-| 84p+15+

Hello! Vote Lib Dem! They raise good England grammars for be in scool photo and pass the butter to and fro taking the piss.


Cette phrase n'a pas un sense. Il n'y a jamais des framboises le train rapide.



No new name.
Would you please welcome Dobby the Houseelf!!!

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