Goat Satnav is a product which was unwisely endorsed by Sherman the stockbroking goat. It is a goat with a satellite dish on his tail who sits on car dashboards and tells the driver where to go. All Goat Satnav ever says is; "mewt, take a left." Unless of course the driver would actually be correct to turn right in which case he advises; "mewt, take a right."

Invariably this process ends with the diseased customer finding themselves on a desert island. It is still unknown how this happens but Sheryl Crow and her pet dustpan are investigating the phenonomon in their new show; "We Shit Emus" to be aired in your vagina. Cyndi Lauper interviewed Barney the dinosaur for his opinion he stated; "Give me all your STDs!"

Then Tamia came and ate them. pWnt.

And Red called him a gimp for using the word "pWnt".

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