The Glorbrutrons lived far far far away in another galaxy called Pimpleoia Galaxy, their Planet called the Glorb Nebula, which consists of a very similar earth structure. For the crust they have brown small curly hair which has holded the current population from 1 zillion to 10 zillion and it is much bigger than the earth by 10 earths, the mantle consists of pimple goo and the half is rock hard pimple goo, they use pimple goo for weapons and fuel. They have signs of the irish in them, they i quite small, curly hair, like to fly in spaceships- their technology are much better than ours because they are S.I.N (Super Irish Nerds) and is much brainer than earth is today. They are mass exporters of Glorbri Poatatos which you can buy from Wal-Mart today

This article was
too bizarre for the forked, Wikia, or mirror Uncyclopedias,
  but Phyllogicopedia knows how to love random stuff. 

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