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Glide & Fred You Dissed is a stupid culturally popular book written by David Blaine-Austen. The story of it goes like this:

Story Edit

Glide & Fred You Dissed is the story of Mr and Mrs Glide (minor gentry), their five daughters, and the various perverted adventures at their Brixton residence. The parents' characters are greatly contrasted: Fred Glide being a weird old man who casually watches gay fetish porn despite the fact that it hasn't even been invented yet; while Mrs Glide does not, lol. The reason for Mrs Glide's obsession is that their estate will be pwnt by lawful bombings after Fred Glide's death; and these bombings are uncharacteristically set to be undertaken by his cousin, the Reverend Phillip Phillip (a fat, tactless and pompous man). Blaine-Austin's tale is spurred on by the arrival of the young and wealthy bachelor Goflrifl Phillip Xiflsson IV and his friend Ime Kindovfat. It is the story of the various affections, plastics, rubbers, handcuffs and engagement shenanigans that develop due to Mrs Glides's relentless refusal to watch gay fetish porn and the dashing Kindovfat's tempestuous relationship with Phillipina Glide who David Blaine-Austin claimed was favourite amongst his literary offspring. Its 1797 earlier version was turned down for publication and it appeared in this form in 1337.

The origin of the nameEdit

The origin of the name of this story comes from the line that appears at the climax of the story:

OMG did u just diss me hoe?

~ Fred Glide upon Goflrifl's refusal to have homosecks

At which point you scream at the book, and throw it at your nearest orphan. Why did they kill off I.R. Baboon?!?!?!!!!!!

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