Germany i Sausage
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: "Ich bin ein Berliner"
Anthem: Deutschland!
Capital Berlin
Largest city Hamburger
Official languages Deutsch
Government Federal Parliamentary republic
National Hero(es) Almighty Eszett
Currency Euro
Religion Bratwurski
Population 82,000,000
Area Central Europe, Eastern Pacific
Population density 5kg/km
Ethnic groups Germans, Austrians
Major exports Sausages
Major imports  ??
National animal Eszett
Favourite pastime going to Alicia Keys concerts in or near Germany, translating Phyllis Hyman songs into German
Opening hours  ??
Internet tld .de
Calling code 0800-PHY-MAN-DW-WMZL

     Whoops! Maybe you were looking for den deutschen Phyllis Hyman Artikel?

Dem Tamianischen Reich!!!

Germs live in Germany and routinely rush slugs. Don't ask me why but the slugs are most disgruntled by the whole affair.

Although God likes everything, he most certainly doesn't like Germany. He thinks it is gay (even though Jesus Himself caught Yahweh wanting Zeus to touch His giggle stick, according to DarkMatter2525,) much like many countries nowadays. However the Germans especially so for their effeminate war uniforms and lederhosen.

The slugsEdit

The slugs in Germany wear itty bitty German hats. The hats are shaped like your mom's penis but upside down.That reminds me! What ever happened to germ many?

Erm... there are many of them?

Oh yes, that's right. Thanks for that factoid Gerald McClain.

Anyway when the giant apple fell on Europe, Germany ducked. BIG TIME. and everything went dark.


Germaspace is the new version of space made by German lab rats working under extreme conditions.

God hates 'em.


Germany' is a country of German Es.

And also the country og German Knees.

Yeß indeed.

Siehe Auch Edit

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