G is one of the most contagious lepers in the world due to its constant exposure to Gamma rays, Gelatin, Garbage and Gabber music. The combination of all these things has lead to a strange, obese Dutch man with cancer who only resembles the letter G in his sleeping position.

G-spiel Edit

Gummy bears are delicious. Grumpy bears as well. Grumpy bears that swell. And smell. Green games generate greedy, grumbly, crumbly humble bums.


Ed: S'up, G?
G: G, I bet you wish you'd never met me.

G is the letter of the P. Thus, the certificate PG is often issued, though not to this article.

G is also the first initial of G. G. Horseman, the great writer and cheesificator:

Forsooth! G is the of the G to tha Gee, man.

In conclusionEdit

G sucks eggs. Eggs I tells ya!

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