Mm, Sailors?!

Fzord the onion spring. The onion will cryeth into the dry eye's bry levvy. Fzord is most infamous for his defeat of the art of on...



...on sinister evil cheese of foam doom! Ignore Barry Scott and his pokemon clones who toss oysters into the double beret proclomation act.

Aye. Edit

One day Fzord walked to town in a wheel barrow. It was rad. One could say it was dar. Well. Fzord, be upset that the word rad was spelt backwards, went to jail.

SO AFTER WORDS? no after riches home fried potatoes ate him he died in jail. he wasa sad hamburger letter. Nope. Well afterwards, he went to tommorrooooroowowow world where pigeons fly free. Here, upoi,ip

Evil Robot Clones

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