Fire is sweetEdit



Many cookies I like to bake are on fire, kind of like my kitten and my children. There's often a new world that arises with the domination of the fire. That is, Firedysleximaticavolcaninucleosis. This amazing world features a not yet created something, in which the devil has long hair and destroys microwaves with his heat vision. Of course, the almighty Furby may intervene and make some sort of Extreme comeback! The comeback kid always strikes again!!

Numbers I really likeEdit

1324, 513, 2436 ,457, 65464, 1984654, 4984657, 7964657, 2, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6465467 ,m 4654654, 65487 ,/894564.

That's a really good start!Edit

When there's a man on fire, the world changes! Change change change MPC forever foos! I am the foobird! WHEEE!! There's a crappy piece of crap on the StickyKeys that is immortality. If every little man had a pile of junk that is a child, then the world will be overpopulated, OMG! The cat on the kitchen is going to destroy Goerge's New grill! It gets rid of fat and is only $30! Buy one before it's destryed!! AGH!!

Hey! I just switched Computers and here I am Starting a new LEvel 2 Headline!Edit

Thumbs up to me!

More info on fireEdit



Yep! That's fire alright! Welcome mr. fire! Welcome to my world! Hey, is that a rabbit over there?

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