Geenwp Wikipedians have no article on Feel-Good Contributor. This is one of the reasons Wackypedia is so much better!

A group of contributors to Fegelpedia. OPEN FIRE AT WILL!

“I love Fegel-good contributers - LOL!!!”

A contributor to Phyllogicopedia is one who regularly edits Phyllogicopedia. Doing this, they become slowly intoxicated by the random laughter, hearty community, and the working man's style of playful edit wars that they become a feel-good contributor. Though this leads to what seems to be an endless sugar high, it is in fact dangerous and should be treated by introducing them to Wikipedia. However, you cannot get anyone infected by Phyllogicopedia to do anything, so me saying this means absolutely nothing. I AM SOOOOOOOO HIGH RIGHT NOW!!!

Now, there is a much deadlier strain of Phyllogicopedia. It is called Fegelpedia, and it will kill you. it leads to a high, considering you are able to erase and recreate the experience, intensify it and lock it in place, leading to an overdosage by uncontrollable addiction. It is said to be a Fegel-curse placed on everyone in the world.

Beware of Phyllogicopedia! I AM SOOOOOOOOO HIGH RIGHT NOW!!!

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