Stamos is for bowl

The batsons are coming! Revert to your Corey Feldman! Sneeze the Gerkelseizure!

<J_Stamos>Hello! My name is John Stamos. I am an awesome alcoholic.

<everyone> HI JOHN!
<the_police_chimp> Hoo hoo!

<Frederick_Vandersexxx> The Gluggenheimen! FLÜGGÄƏNKòŁČHIŒßøLSêN!


Stamos is for money

<J_Stamos> Well, that's interesting.
<J_Stamos> Well I'm an alcoholic


Stamos is for french

<Transvestite> And I'm a woman!
That concludes the brain flogging with a wet noodle. Enjoy this complementary durango of diabolic dentists.


Stamos is for bar mitzfah

The FmuEdit

FMU is a mark. Fmu shall be worried about the living room and into the carpet it will be hope. Hope for the future. Hope that someday, every man, woman, child, and foot fetisher will own a jetpack.


Stamos is for harmony

The here nowEdit

When the call of the balloon flotilla is aroused, push off, me mateys, push off and throw your women overboard.


the here now

Here now is for the nice. Ask not what I can Stamos. Stamos is here for the cake or free machetes. Proof that the next line of Bhutan will cease to knife the floor, but never so very much and the hamster in your pocket will escape from it's confines. The here now is for pretty.

  • Here now the Stamos cake
  • Here now the Stamos buy a house and scissor

The here now for the never Stamos, and once if the Stamos wants, the Stamos will want more. I will show that one rock but not one turtle shall overcome racial diversity.

The flotillaEdit

Flotilla balloon Stamos with fury. French money the Stamos will. Stamos for fruit.


for fruit

Stamos for fruit. Never beat the fruit, but Stamos for fruit.

The Stamos for fruit then the Stamos for gravy fruit, then here now Stamos for fruit.

flotilla fruitEdit

Stamos in is the here now. Stamos the balloon flotilla fury. Fury the flotilla, frozen the fruits. Stamos hand fruit flotilla frenzy. Fruit the here now balloon. Balloon the fury. Stamos the fury. Balloon the fall. Stamos the fall. Stamos for fruit, fail the flotilla. Fruit victory, the Stamos expired. Stamos for fruit, Stamos here now.

the now no hearEdit

For fruit

~ the Stamos for fruit

Stamos for fruit, flotilla beneath mud worbler. Stamos the fmu will fruit the mass.
Here now

~ the Stamos here now

Stamos for fruit.... we will never forget.
John Stamos
1832 - 2064
Stamos For Fruit

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