To be extreeme is the collaboration of several different, extreemely important matters.

First off, you must be ready and willing to jump up and scream DOooooodledoodle! whenever necessary. This is an interesting quality, being that anyone can do it, but a challenging one in its extreeme difficulty of landing a well placed dooooooodledoodle. Not just everyone can do a doooooodledoodle, but only extreeme people.

A good test to see if you are extreeme is to get into a very crowded area, prefereably your grandmother's funeral, and try to let a doooooodledoodle out at the right time. You will know instantly whether or not you are extreeme by the looks on yur relatives faces. If they appeared dismayed, angry, shocked, on fire, or all of the above, then you are sadly not extreeme. If they take you away with a new white jacket to a hospital, you are the exact opposite of extreeme, emeertxe.

Secondly, and lastly for that matter, you have to be a human, or any aqautic animal. Aquatic animals are, in fact, far more extreeme than any other animal, because of their swimming and underwater maneuvers. If you can't swim, then your chances of being extreeme are extreemly decreased.

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