An Explosive Pizza is a technique used by experienced hitmen/contract killers to kill their mark. It consists of an handgun, of varying shapes and/or sizes, placed within a pizza box. This 'pizza' is then delivered to the mark, whereas upon opening the pizza, the hitman tears the gun out (usually a revolver, of course) and proceeds to shoot the mark in the face. The hitman will pose as a delivery boy, using what we call 'deceit.' However, chances of personal injury or detection of the hitman are naturally high with such a manuever. An explosive pizza can be outfitted with a real pizza, either to ensure authenticity, or to play a cruel joke before killing the mark with a .38 calibur round to the trunk or mouth region. An empty explosive pizza (one with a gun but without a real pizza), is called a cold pizza, whereas a hot pizza carries a pizza along with the weapon.

This technique is most popularly shown in the completely unpopular...hell, "Hot and Bready," which deals with two waring mob-owned pizza restraunts. Needless to say, whoever wrote that script has one hell of a future - "I have some pizza for you." "What kind is it?" "It's a little bit, explosive!"

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