Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Tamia?

We are the Evil Council. The council have arrived, eat your socks, sell your emu, it just got spandex EVIL!!!

Do as we say sleigh Edit

Anyone or more caught pondering or sun-drying shall be forced to eat 3 pints of abstract. We do not take kindly to those hoes who oppose us, and we will not levitate to drop them like limewire.

The member of the council who writes these titles is cool!! Edit

Urinal cakes for everyone!! And each person who licks us shall recieve four of The best thing ever.

Alienate the iron gate full of hate using bait then eliminate the fate of your mate. Gshwz.

Pfft, what a Daft article/arse-icle/ice-icle/thrice-icle/mice-appeal/nice-windshield/Christ's-Been-Killed!!

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