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Could not process this directive.

Possible reasons for this error

You downloaded Tamia music
You clicked the link too fast.
Your computer is too bloody old.
I need a vacation.
Your face looks like a rabid squirrel from the Roadkill cafe.
My Motherboard hurts.
Illegal stuff detected on your hard drive, please remain at your computer while you wait for the police.
Real rodents do not function as a mouse normally would.
Your ignorance of the prime directive.
Your system is ****ed.

[Delete as applicable]

To remedy this, please try:

Buying a new computer.
Taking a two by four to the monitor.
Purchasing a new system.
Feeding the CD ROM drive some coffee.
Taking your computer apart, destroying the hard drive then putting it back again.
Buying a newer model.
Downloading the 5.32 patch ($9.99 subscription fee)

[In that order]

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