That crazy Ghostbuster. He's a scientist the invented the eqipment they used in their moves and shows. If you know Ninja Turtle Donatello, you know Egon. They both love to make crazy inventions for their cliques.

His inventions:

  • PKE Meter: A device that allows the user to track the closeness of supernatural activity.
  • Proton Pack: A device that allows the user to subdue a ghost.
  • Ghost trap: A portable device that contains the ghost.
  • Containment Unit: The storage mechanism where all the ghosts go. Since the Ghostbusts have limited traps, the need for a "ghost room" is neccessary. The ghost is transfered from the trap to the unit. The unit itself is an amazing vacuum.

Need we say more?

This article was
too bizarre for the forked, Wikia, or mirror Uncyclopedias,
  but Phyllogicopedia knows how to love random stuff. 

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