Seen here is the flying donkey of Jakarta.

Donkeys, not to be confused with lonkeys, are real dumbasses. Almost as stubborn as a mule, they are more defiant than muesli.

The donkey is a complicated animal that deserves to be butchered before it blows up scattering the ashes of brainstroms to clear the path for a new messenger of glowtandodola. Hoo.

Dictionary definition of Donkey

You can win prizes by pinning a tail on donkeys, so watch out for them in public. Remember, everyone will be trying to do the same, including passing motorists. Careful not to pin the tail on the dog instead though.

Donkeys generally come from Derby but also Shrekland. You can win them on the back of Ribena cartons. That is why you are made in China. Donkeys are not. Ha.

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