A completely unrelated image. Or is it?

On a sunlight midnight moondance whilst i was dancin' in the moonlight the deaf folks who occupied the canion (hence the name) were being taken out for a walk by the THE GNOMES PLOTTING YOUR DEATH when two dogs were zooming seamlessly (freshly sewn) shooting pedigree chum at each others blind spot.

I probably should have mentioned the dogs can fly - yeah the dogs are flies. Anyway the deaf people didn't know what was going on because of their cricked necks that couldn't lactate upwards and their deafness that unvented hearing the silent dog brawl. During a random impulse that one of the old people decided to shoot downwards but missed because he (or she - if terms and conditions apply). was also paralysimated.

Doowop oowawoowop yeah yeah - my bop lalalala my wop lalala I'm simple. Heheehhe.

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