If you look closely, you can see the bleeding prostate of the lion, as I remove myself from it's rectum.

~ David Attenborough

A Documenthairy is a small chemical ball formed by combining David Attenborough with an element of twattishness. Add in some funky camera effects and a polar bear and you've got thineself an award winning twat-fest-with-polar-bear-and-funky-camera-effects.

According to Mr. Attenborough, proprietor of all things old, male lions are made mainly of imagination dust. Well, I say shut the f**k up, Mr Twattenborough, nobody likes you except your mother, and shes only in it for the money and sex. Another popular documenthairy is 'Poo, and how it copes with the stresses and strains of modern society', presented by a lump of poo (David Attemborough?). It has won four Oscars and a Ted, and has been nominated for a bath.

This article was brought to you by HelloolleH and MrMetalFLower, or as they prefer to be known, 'HelloMetalFLower'. They are posting heavyweights, and will someday rule this measly planet you call Nationalist Propaganda. By that they mean purple monkey. Indeed.