Disloyalty came up to me the other day and he was all like "Where the sugar, muhfuh?" I told him, "You can get the sugar when you get your ass off."

That's very funnyEdit

Sarcophagus! Sarcophagus! Sarcophagus! Das ist nicht mein Hand. Das ist nur ein Stückchen Brot. Finely ground hairs, attached to the sweater, were all the rage during the Regency, but I'm sorry to say that there is no more hair. Sarcophagus!

Quoting things on the InternetEdit

Oh, hello. I upgraded your ewe.

Standing around at night with no one to care forEdit

It's really sad. People like that should stay indoors.

However: a finely ground mist, when attached to the reflection of your choice, will become more popular as the day goes on.


There is no man named Chester here.

Camel floggingEdit

It is thought that disloyalty was the originator of the game of camel flogging. Have you flogged your camel today? Disloyalty would appreciate it.

I'd rather be smelling my keysEdit

While finely grinding cane sugar, many popular ideas will come to you, and everyone in the kingdom will be all like "yay!" and they'll be happy because yay. They will attach themselves to you.

I find your lack of confidence reassuring.

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